3348 Old Murphy Road

Franklin, NC 28734

Resort Hours

7 Days a Week
8AM - 5PM

Pick-up, Drop-off and
Day Care



10:30 - 12:00

Drop in anytime for a tour of the facility. We want you to see our new guest rooms where your pet will be staying.

 We now have 26 rooms that include 7 Suites!

Canine Influenza

There have been confirmed cases of canine influenza in NC. At this time we do not require this vaccination, but if reports continue to expand, this vaccination will be required. If your dog hasn't had the vaccine, it may be a good idea to get it anyway. Just like the human flu shot, it may not prevent the canine flu, but it will help them recover quicker. Your dog can't get the flu from the vaccine.


We require any pet entering our facility for boarding or grooming to have all current vaccinations. They must have their Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination records on file no later than the arrival day. Pets arriving here without current records will be turned away. We want your pet as well as everyone elses to have a healthy and happy visit to our Resort. Thank You!


The Way of the Future

As lifelong pet owners, we've seen many different boarding facilities, some good and some bad. Most were mainly a cage and maybe an outdoor run where a dog could get some fresh air and sit in the sun. Play areas were small and covered in concrete. The kennels we did use were clean but didn't seem like a place where we would want to stay for very long if we were a dog.

One day Ken Alter and Dan Andrews took a walk through a large empty building that Dan owned and talked about the possibility of turning that huge space into a place for pets to stay in comfort and still have plenty of room to stretch their legs. After hours of research we decided that Macon County didn't need another kennel, it needed a pet resort! That was the day that Paula's Pet Paradise was born.

After much cleaning and remodeling, we started looking at "guest room" design. (Not a kennel) Just about every manufacturer we looked at used the basic chain link and concrete block "doggie jail" design or some type of septic room where the animal would stay.

We started from scratch and have built our guest rooms from scratch using ceramic tile and colored FRP panels wrapped in aluminum trim that give the rooms less of a "prison" look while still keeping within North Carolina Animal Welfare guidelines.

Next we set out to design play areas outdoors. Dan found that most dog parks use decomposed granite in their design to give dogs a safe and soft surface to run around on. Our primary play area has been surfaced in this substance and it feels like walking on a beach with well packed sand. It's extra work to maintain this surface but is easy to clean and adds to the comfort of your pets stay with us! Heavy 9 gauge fences surround the play areas and huge indoor play area is temperature controlled so your pets have the perfect enviroment to stretch their legs and play no matter what the weather is outside.

We've recently added several security cameras inside and outside of our resort for increased security and we will be adding a link to this web site soon so you can look in on your pet while you are away. We have nothing to hide and want the world to see what we are so proud of.

Heading into 2012, we have plans in the works for 2 additional outdoor play areas that will also include a wading pool for the hot summer days ahead.