3348 Old Murphy Road

Franklin, NC 28734

Resort Hours

7 Days a Week
8AM - 5PM

Pick-up, Drop-off and
Day Care



10:30 - 12:00

Drop in anytime for a tour of the facility. We want you to see our new guest rooms where your pet will be staying.

 We now have 26 rooms that include 7 Suites!

Canine Influenza

There have been confirmed cases of canine influenza in NC. At this time we do not require this vaccination, but if reports continue to expand, this vaccination will be required. If your dog hasn't had the vaccine, it may be a good idea to get it anyway. Just like the human flu shot, it may not prevent the canine flu, but it will help them recover quicker. Your dog can't get the flu from the vaccine.


We require any pet entering our facility for boarding or grooming to have all current vaccinations. They must have their Rabies, Distemper/Parvo and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccination records on file no later than the arrival day. Pets arriving here without current records will be turned away. We want your pet as well as everyone elses to have a healthy and happy visit to our Resort. Thank You!



Deluxe accommodations at a great price!

In the past, boarding your dog at a kennel was almost like sending them off to jail. The spartan
cement block and cages of most kennels can be especially traumatic for a rescued dog! We want
your dog to feel at home and at ease during their stay with us.
Our custom guest rooms were designed and constructed by us to be comforting as well as welcoming
as possible following Animal Welfare rules and guidelines.

Ceramic tile floors sealed with epoxy based water proof grout. Colored fiberglass reinforced plastic walls.
Custom designed doors that are secure as well as attractive. A raised bed in each room that can hold
your dog's bed or a soft blanket that can be supplied by us. Each guest room has an enclosed
drainage system instead of open trenches for ease of cleaning and no chance of cross contamination.
This also keeps our boarding areas odor free and comfortable for your pets as well as visitors!

We are very proud of our resort and we are more than happy to take you on a tour of our facilities.
Just ask for a look around when you come to see us. I'd want to see where my pets were going to spend
their nights away from home and we expect you will too!

All of our guests enjoy a turn down service and treat each night of their stay as well as a fun day
of activities that will keep them occupied and having fun all day long!

All of this for only $18.00 to $22.00 per day!

Additional services during their stay can be arranged when you make your reservations.
We keep updated records of all our guests vaccinations on hand for their safety as well as the safety
of our other guests at our resort.

We strive to have the safest, cleanest and friendliest place for your pet to spend it's time while
you are away. Don't your pets deserve a vacation too?